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A few things..

1) If you’re an aspiring alt right blogger, you’re probably wasting your time. Unless you’re one of the early established blogs, or willing to flatter the Hestia Gatekeeper Society, you’re not going to get any real views.

2) Twitter/social media brought the alt right into the mainstream – not blogging.

3) Most points can be made in 100 characters or less. 80% of blogging is masturbation and reiteration.

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Low trust makes poets of us all

The Dysfunction Bubble

You don’t need to tamper with the water supply to send testosterone levels crashing – simply deny men the freedom to be men. Regulate every area of their lives from the cubicle to the household. A society of interchangeable parts is anti-male even if its intentions aren’t anti-male. A society of interchangeable parts is one of systemic emasculation, where social and personal dysfunction abounds.

Patriarchy isn’t just a useful social arrangement for the transmission of pro-civilization values; patriarchy is a masculine need to be met. Every man needs a place where he is king. Men are willing to accept a humble position in the social hierarchy on the condition that they are allowed a domain where they are free to exercise agency as men. The private domain – the domain of father and husband – was where every man got to be a king. A society that denies male agency invites disequilibrium and disincentives for boys to engage the world. The current paradigm forces men into a state of subjugation and deep-seated shame, splitting masculinity into two extremes of libfag defeat and shitlord frustration.

What’s truly sinister about a commodified reality is that there’s something of a perverse incentive to enable social dysfunction. Where there exists dysfunction and unfulfilled needs, there’s plentiful opportunities for profit. Porn and video games are two immediate examples of industries that have raked in billions thanks to a growing epidemic of male dysfunction. Basically, we’ve turned male dysfunction into another bubble; but like all bubbles, the dysfunction bubble will eventually pop – it pops when you exhaust the supply of white eunuch worker bees who keep the machine whirring.

Frustrated white boys turn to ancapism and PornHub. Frustrated muslim boys turn to fundamentalism and suicide vests. If the belief among the champagne classes is that the golden goose can be easily replaced by aggressive, third world patriarchs, then an Ivy League education isn’t indicative of brains. If the elite sincerely believe that shit worlders are willing to become de-sexualized labor bots, sated by PlayStation and blow up dolls, then they are making a mistake that will – literally and figuratively – blow up in their faces. Through a toxic combination of women’s liberation (the freedom for women to be immiserated, childless cogs) and a vitality-depleting criminalization of masculinity, we are driving into extinction the one population capable of keeping a dynamic first world economy afloat.

Either allow white boys to be men, and realize that boys are motivated to become patriarchs, or watch it all go off the rails. A culture premised on the idea that people are interchangeable lego pieces is viable until it isn’t.

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Democracy Dindu Nuffin

When an ideological system fails, the viability of the system is the last thing to be questioned. It’s never that poor outcomes spring from the faulty DNA of an idea, but that a few saboteurs are keeping the idea from flourishing. We’re always just a few minor tweaks and purges away from Shangri-La.

The bug is never a feature. Corruption and money in politics isn’t a feature of democracy, but an aberration. The physics of the system are never questioned. Really existing democracy is never really democracy. Democracy would function without the machinations of big business just like we’d all be flying if not for the corrupting influence of gravity.

Metanarratives are never easy to let go of; especially when they’re as uniquely appealing to the ego as equality, progress, etc. As long as the electricity is still on and neighborhoods still faintly resemble the first world, really existing democracy is always a few magic reforms away from real democracy. Men show a remarkable resiliency in the face of having to accept the failure of a cherish idea; that is, until the failures accrue to a point where the costs of continuing to bullshit one’s self are too steep. Man is the arrogant ape who lives to be slapped down by Gnon – a feature, not a bug.

Trump is a man with balls for a nation slowly rediscovering its own pair

Our collective Tyler Durden.

The significance of Trump is that he has given confidence and volume to a whispering choir – the mumbling majority who see that something is amiss, but can only address the problem through the language of euphemism.

Make America Great Again = Make America White Again

Trumpians may not consciously grasp this, but this is the true utterance beneath MAGA. Consciousness gives a diplomatic polish to the crude language of the unconscious. As the weight of mortal salience grows heavier, I expect our conscious language to become more honest. I expect the language of survival to overcome those social filters. The brute force honesty of war is inevitable when the mincing language of polite society no longer registers.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the actions of the feral classes and Afro-Islamic invaders are becoming more brazen at a time of inchoate white racial consciousness. I can’t say for sure that the violence is elite orchestrated, but I would venture to say that it’s elite approved, and the terror is aimed at native populations who still cling to antiquated ideas of national sovereignty and other badthink. If the rubes won’t go gentle into that globalist night, then less subtle methods need to be adopted. If they won’t be shamed and distracted into compliance, then fuck even giving them the choice of consent. Give them the Zimbabwe experience. Continue to reduce their numbers until the idea of mounting an effective resistance is laughable. I find it funny that it’s a common belief among white leftists that the crack epidemic was engineered and aimed at harming the black community, yet they never make this connection when it comes to heroin and poor whites.

But as much as I enjoy the Trump revolution and the resurgent flame of white identity, the question still remains: where the fuck were these people DECADES ago? Finally came to your senses once the negative externalities of years of anti-American/anti-white policy became too obvious to ignore? It’s hard not to feel a bit of contempt for people who largely bought into mudskin immigration and the globalist lies of cheap goodies without a drop in living standards.

Meh. I won’t be a wet blanket. What matters now is that the huwyte house will once again be occupied by a tall, proud, no bullshit white man. A momentous first step and boost for pro-white morale.